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is a Banking and Financial System house. Our DNA is a relentless focus on continuous innovation. We uncover simple solutions to the many intractable problems of the industry. Our solution will power a paradigm shift in cost model and business growth into the next decade. This is the ideal Universal solution for Multinationals with diverse Global operations. Riskk provide an ideal working environment with 4 day work week and flexi time. Consequently we attract quality people that enhances the team spirit, service quality and learning experience.
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is a radical departure from industry practice of integrating multiple systems for front, middle and back office. We designed from ground up a solution that unify ALL processes and diverse disciplines in one system. With a passion to simplify, we dug deep into the diverse disciplines to unearth where “synergy, simplification and leveraging” replaces “integration gaps and duplications”.
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To develop Riskk into a Global Brand, a Respected Innovator and a market leader in Treasury and Portfolio Management System & Outsourcing Services.


To bring a disruptive cost model to the Industry we service.


  • The error trapping engine is a runaway success with zero failure rate and trapped many errors that had gone unnoticed before. In our Industry where “Error is Punitive, Customer Trust is Priceless” this is a definitive game changer.
  • Beyond Imagination, 20 times reduction of skilled fund Accountants required for the daily critical Unit Pricing.
  • Our “Compliance Limit Engine” resolved the industry Pre trade compliance checking problems including false breaches, unable to set complicated rules, failure to release limits. User definable “new risk type” facilitate precise setting of even the most complex compliance rules.
  • Our Fund Accounting module, is a “think-out-of-the-box” solution that delivers simplification, enhanced performance and cost savings to Life Offices and Superannuation Funds.
  • For small / medium size managers, our Plug-n-Start solution offers a cost effective, quick and painless access to premium technology. We set you on par with the big boys.
  • For Private Bankers, we provide for the capture of a profit spread at each transactions.

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