Portfolio Optimizer

Riskk introduced a disruptive technology that reduces fund accounting processing cost by 1,000 %, increased the End-of-Day processing speed by 20,000% and unified the full process chain from pre-trade compliance to the final accounting, in a single platform.
We tap the riches source of innovation and transformation – the yet to be discovered synergy and leveraging between the diverse domains of multicurrency accounting, risk management, portfolio management and emerging technologies. We believe in solutions beyond market best practice. We are unrivalled in eliminating risk and delivering productivity for the fund management industry. The solution include the following services:

  • Study your current Processes
  • Design Risk Policy and Manual
  • Design Riskk Management Processes, Analytics, Reporting and Committees
  • Change Management
  • Technology Implementation in line with above

We are pioneer in the Malaysian Market with the successful delivery of the first currency option trading desk, value-at-risk and bond index tracking fund in the country; risk infrastructure for Maybank Investment Bank, Bank Pembangunan Berhad, Affin Investment Bank, BSNC and Malaysian Monetary Exchange.
Together we will bring your organization to the next decade.